Thinking of car wrapping ads? Read this first!

Thinking of car wrapping ads? Read this first!

What is a car wrap? Is this a good investment?

Are you running a local business looking for innovative ways to market your business and increase your customer base? Have you already automated your online marketing strategy, and do you want to take it to another level?

It’s time to consider car packaging.

Car packaging is one type of marketing that you can invest in today, especially if you want to target the local population.

How does auto wrap advertising benefit a business? - Quora

A car wrapper is much more than just a sticker. These are basically digitally printed billboards on the outside of a car. Graphic designers work with a business to bring advertising together; the Vinyl film is then applied to the surface of a car.

Why should car wrap be considered? Unlike digital advertising campaigns and marketing your business in newspapers or on the radio, car packaging is not a form of social media advertising that can simply be “turned off.”

A wrapped car is inevitable and has the potential to grab everyone’s attention!

In fact, 98% of in-car viewers indicated that they noticed track-side ads. This form of mobile billboard advertising is also said to generate 3.5 times more attention than static billboards. This type of advertising can have far-reaching effects on home businesses, such as plumbing or electrical services.

Read on to find out what you need to know about car packaging and the benefits that this type of advertising can bring to your business!

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How much does a car wrap cost?

Cost is a concern for all businesses. Before investing in a car wrap, you want to make sure that you are aware of all the costs involved.

Initially, the average cost of a car wrap ranged from $ 1,550 to $ 3,500.

It depends on the type of automatic wrap requested (partial wrap or full wrap).

Partial wrapping covers both sides and sometimes includes bumper decals.

In addition to the size of the vehicle, the cost depends on the following factors:

  1. Printing service
  2. Vinyl graphic design and production
  3. Labor/time of design
  4. Professional installation
  5. The cost of repainting the car

Another reason to consider is the cost of a kind of plastic wrap vs. repainting. Custom car wrappers give you the option to change the ads to your liking, regardless of the cost of the original paint and the extra cost of repainting each time you want to display a new ad. 

Pro-Tip: While car packaging is a great marketing tool and opportunity, you don’t want to overdo it in design and detail! Make it easy on the eyes and include only the most important information such as your business name, slogan, logo, phone number, and possibly the main service.

The benefits of car wrapping advertising

So, why should you consider car wrap service on a regular vintage paint job?

Subtle but effective advertising: Unlike communicating with your customers through social media ads and text messages, you should not use a “push” method to get your company names out. Instead, any potential customer looking at the wrap of your car is going about their daily routine. This is a very normal form of advertising that is still as effective as every bit.

Great exposure around town and expands your audience: With car packaging, your company gains more exposure each time you drive. If you are traveling locally or even over long distances for a special job, a wrapped car is a great way to turn your head and increase your audience.

Cost-effective: Do you already have a road vehicle? You could wrap them up as well! Using car packaging makes more efficient use of your physical resources and investment.

Durable and easily replaceable: With wrapped vehicles, you don’t have to invest in a new car if you want to upgrade or change your ad. All you have to do is move the package and fix a new one. For example, the cost of a total repaint work will be more difficult for your business bank account.

Protects the car: A car wrapper can protect the actual structural integrity of the car. Lamination from car wraps adds an extra layer of protection to the surface of your car, preventing damage or tearing from any scratches or nicks.

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